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Wholesale pricing! Save $1000’s!

What sets KWA apart from other car dealerships in Kamloops is wholesale pricing and customer service. We are small-town-proud, family owned and operated, and love working with first-time owners who are out shopping for a reliable vehicle. Our focus is on building the trust of our community and we want our customers to have a comfortable experience with us as they shop for an affordable vehicle.

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Check out our Kijiji Auto site for photos of all our vehicles. Here, you will find photos, prices and details for our cars, trucks, and SUVs in Kamloops, with the option to request a CARFAX Canada Report from us.

Warranties & Financing

We offer financing and warranties on our vehicles!

The benefits of financing and warranties are substantial, including purchase ability and peace of mind. We work with an external company to support customers for quick and hassle-free financing. We understand the value of owning a vehicle for transportation, whether itโ€™s to get the kids to school on time or drive you to work. Not having the cash-up-front should not stop your purchase and when you need to buy a new vehicle or upgrade your present set of wheels, we can help. Warranties give you confidence when purchasing a used vehicle, and we offer several options for our valued customers. Every vehicle purchased from Kamloops Wholesale Auto comes with a 3-month/3000 km warranty, but you can purchase extended plans from 3-years to unlimited mileage. We donโ€™t want our customers to be worried about the cost of repair bills. We want you to enjoy one of your most valuable purchases โ€“ your vehicle. Come and visit us at 300 Mt Paul Way in Kamloops, give us a call, or chat with us on Facebook Messenger for details.

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